Tough News: The Day I was Diagnosed with Cancer

A Terrible Day: I was Diagnosed with Cancer

The day I was informed about my cancer situation was a day I won’t ever forget, and one that left me thinking WTF! It was a lot to absorb, and with all the emotions going through me, it became almost overwhelming to the point that I didn’t really believe it at this time. I knew it was real but somehow I was not really buying in that I have this disease. It was a weird way to feel, but this whole thing was so surreal. I knew right away that somehow I shouldn’t give this disease the energy that it sucks out of millions of affected, that to fight this I couldn’t give it the respect. I know this disease ruins lives, both in the taking of lives and the families and loved ones that are left behind. I wanted to keep a level head about me and try to live as normal as I could, until something took me over, and it did. I knew somehow, very instinctively I guess that my mind was going to have to stay in the right place for me to be strong and be courageous enough to win this fight.

Hearing the Words: “You Have Cancer”

When you hear those words, “you have cancer,” it just doesn’t really hit home for a bit. It’s like you just heard something that I thought I would never hear, at least directed to me. It sinks in, and then it’s a very inside decision to be made as to how this will be handled, and sometimes it may take some time to decide that, I am going to fight like I know how, take amazing care of my body and win this race. I can’t imagine anyone ever not coming to the realization that they are going to fight hard and do everything to beat this disease. I never had a thought that I would cruise this treatment, I just knew that it would be hard and probably not pleasant.

My Life Will Never Be the Same

My life as I knew it will never be the same again. I will walk the earth everyday knowing that I have or had cancer, as I like to say it, but that the worst disease is in me, and I need to respect the life I have and do everything to live it to the absolute fullest.

The Rife State of Mind

The Rife State of Mind

Rife Hilgartner refused to accept his cancer prognosis. From the moment he heard those words, he simply said “no”. Now he is striving to help others do the same.