Planning for My Fight Against Cancer

Forming My Plan

My road to recovery and hopefully becoming cancer free is very similar to many before me, and also quite different. I have never been one to beat the normal drum, rather I have made my own path and sometimes that is for the better and others maybe not as much. This challenge that was given to me definitely had to be taken very seriously, and I believed that from the beginning I had the right plan.

Ayurvedic science

I was already on Ayurvedic science, using herbs and teas so that was in place to help with other treatments that I will start. Chemotherapy, the all mighty number one cancer killer was about to begin and I had no idea how that would affect me. I was given a handful of advice, some I thought was really good, like being told to make sure I get calories in, as chemo can really strip your appetite.

A very close friend owns a CBD company in North Carolina, and his medical staff formulated a tincture and a capsule to directly focus on healing my specific issue. The world is still on the fence about the marijauna plant, but there is absolutely no fence when it comes to its healing and having profound benefits in a multitude of ways.

So here it is, the lineup for trying to beat this disease. I will take my Ayurvedic herbs, my CBD pill and tincture, I will take my Juice Plus, which is plant powders in capsule form, and hydrate heavily, try to eat good healthy foods, and along with chemotherapy maybe we can get to the other side of this disease. It’s hard to get a plan to come together, especially when it is this type of situation and the heavy chemicals from chemo begin to do its work.

The Lineup

I swore to myself that no matter what happens I will move my body everyday. How that lines up I wasn’t quite sure of. I had a puppy, so my dude had to get his exercise and I was watching another dog that was a little older. So I out it in my head that bare minimum I would walk for 20 minutes a day, outside of letting the dogs go crazy and run in the fields. The first round of treatment allowed me to do a good bit of this, but like I said, the chemo really can take hold of you and put you in a very tough place.
I knew that if I followed all that had been laid out in front of me, than I could have the best chance of really healing up and getting free if the hold that this disease can have on us. I wasn’t going to steer away from anything that was going to help, but it can sure be a challenge to do everything that you need tom when a lot of times all you want to do is take a nap.

Following the Plan

Following a good plan, that is laid out from the beginning is the way to proceed. We need to follow something to help this battle, regardless of how much it can flat out suck, as following a good plan hopefully gives a win.

The Rife State of Mind

The Rife State of Mind

Rife Hilgartner refused to accept his cancer prognosis. From the moment he heard those words, he simply said “no”. Now he is striving to help others do the same.