When You Can Move

Keeping My Body Moving

I remember it so clearly, I have energy. After several months of trying to keep my body moving, even if it was only a 20min walk, I finally felt like a barrier had been broken. I wasn’t exactly sure what had changed, but I knew that something was different. I took immediate advantage of this, and the warm day that the Colorado spring was giving us, and called my training partner and asked if he wanted to go for a ride.

Nate and I had been training together for a while, first as I was his personal trainer, and secondly as my riding partner. When I called him to go for a ride, he was completely shocked that I was really asking this. Yes I am asking and he didn’t hold back for a second and said hell yes, let’s go ride. I knew that riding 33 miles and climbing 3500 feet, per our usual loop, wasn’t going to be too quick. He was good with this and off we went. It was really humbling to be back on my bike and not have the physical ability to push hard. I knew that my body had gone through hell and I was on the way back to healing and hopefully becoming strong again.

Taking Back My Sports

That day proved to me to be the way I was going to come back to sport and begin to really take back what was stripped of me for several months. One thing that I always said during my treatments, in the worst moments, was that this could always be worse. I knew that what I was going through was horrible, but I knew that someone had it worse. This mindset put me in a place that felt like I could fight hard, and really get back to being fit again. The ride with Nate was 40 minutes slower than my fastest loop previously. We rode for 2:35, normally cruising before had us under 1:55, and it was probably the best ride ever, as I felt like I was free again. I wasn’t being held too tightly by the poison from the chemo and that I was able to breath deep and allow that fresh Colorado air to fill my lungs and promote healing as well.

Exercise is Paramount for Health

I have always wanted to play, and training to build fitness is just an adult form of play. I know that exercise is paramount for health, and I will always try to move well each day and find my play.

The Rife State of Mind

The Rife State of Mind

Rife Hilgartner refused to accept his cancer prognosis. From the moment he heard those words, he simply said “no”. Now he is striving to help others do the same.