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We are dedicated to providing cancer patients with personalized treatments, resources and support to meet this life-altering challenge.

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Xterra World Championship

Trentino, Italy October 1, 2022
For the first time in 25 years, the XTERRA World Championship will be moving from the sparkling shores of Hawaii to the awe-inspiring terrain of Trentino, where the best of the best will go head to head for the title of XTERRA World Champion beneath the staggering peaks of the Brenta Dolomites. Read More.

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Don’t take on cancer by yourself. We have your back.

About Us

Thrive Cancer Foundation is a 501c3 pending non-profit organization that provides a alternative holistic approach, coupled with financial resources and support, to assist our clients in their fight against cancer. 

We provide a compassionate coaching experience and a positive mindset approach, married with therapeutic solutions that encompass both science and movement. Cancer is a battle that requires you to use everything you have and more to become cancer free, and Thrive Cancer Foundation is here to help you.

How We Help

Financial Support

Cancer treatment of any kind is very expensive and can take away from focusing on healing. We support those in financial need with several programs that provide assistance for everyday life, so we can eliminate financial stress this disease can create.  We are guided by doctors, family members, friends, and others who have gone through the challenge very similar to yours, and can offer assistance in many ways.

Individualized Treatment

We use scientific data to find the right prescription for each individual and offer Ayurvedic science, an ancient Indian science, to help heal the body with treatments that are more than 6,000 years old. We believe there is no one treatment program for everyone, so we learn about each cancer thriver and their preferences, and identify a custom program for each specific condition.

Exercise and Diet

Exercise and diet are key components to a healthy life. Our programs are customized to each patient’s individual needs and where they are in their treatment journey. We believe that a moving body helps remove toxins and combined with a customized diet, alleviates stress, boosts wellness and will be significant contributors to a healthy mind and body.

Athletic Training

We help push athletes and racers forward through treatment to drive inspiration for those struggling to stay in shape and compete. We train and race to inspire and support those trying to get back to racing, training or simply a satisfying place of exercise. Movement is incredibly important to the battle against cancer, and we approach it from a very personal level.

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When You Can Move

When You Can Move

Keeping My Body Moving I remember it so clearly, I have energy. After several months of trying to keep my body moving, even if it was only a 20min walk, I finally felt like a barrier had been broken. I wasn’t exactly sure what had changed, but I knew that something...

Planning for My Fight Against Cancer

Planning for My Fight Against Cancer

Forming My Plan My road to recovery and hopefully becoming cancer free is very similar to many before me, and also quite different. I have never been one to beat the normal drum, rather I have made my own path and sometimes that is for the better and others maybe not...