About Rife

My name is Rife Hilgartner, and I am a father, brother, uncle, cousin, powder hound and stage 4 colon cancer thriver.  My entire life has been driven by sport and competition.  Since a very young age my brothers and I drove hard to play at the highest level.  I have always been up for challenges, and many of those that took huge efforts.  December 22nd, 2020  I received those words that no one ever wants to hear, “you have cancer.”  Now was the time for me to take hold of the biggest challenge of my life.  That was the moment that I knew things had changed forever, and how was I going to take this on, the only way I know, with all I can bring.

This is a story that is so hard to speak about and at the very same time, quite easy.  This disease doesn’t discriminate, and it surely doesn’t care if your healthy or not. I have always thought that something really big could happen to me, maybe just not this big.   I felt like I always treated my body well and worked hard to keep that , until it was taken in a different route. This new route would set the tone for my life.

God didn’t give this to me to take me out, but do something to immediately profound and pay it forward,  that’s when Thrive Cancer foundation was born. I believe that this disease can be beaten, as  many before me have shown.  My life has changed in ways I never dreamed, and now the journey is to give all I can to those who need it so badly.  I know that nothing comes easy, and that this disease is given to those who can and will fight, and I am living proof.  I want to instill in those affected the most positive outlook, even on those days when it all seems so dark.  Support in this time of need is paramount, and The Foundation will provide this for each client.  We will move forward in the war on cancer and we will help those in the battle and thus provide hope for the future.

Rife with his two daughters, Quinn and Annie.

Rife in Action

A typical day of winter training.

Beast Mode at XTerra World Championships.

Rife on the box.